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What I’m Loving Right Now (Part 2)

25 Jul

Phew, finally catching a breath amid all this work.   Of course I should be working, but we must all take a little breather every once in awhile to recharge the batteries.   And here are a few things that really keep me going right now:

Mi Cocina Mambo Taxi

Mambo Taxi

Ice Cold Beer in a Mason Jar

Mason Jar

Better yet… Ice Cold Beer in a Schooner.


Okay.  I know what you’re thinking… What a lush!

But beyond the deliciousness of an ice cold beverage on a sweltering hot summer day in Texas, and the joy of relaxing with an adult beverage after a hard day’s work…

I’ve enjoyed all of these in the company of great people.   I’ve loved having visitors from out of town and playing hostess in our new city.   While we’re still learning so much about where we live, where to go, what to do, it’s great when you can share it with others who are experiencing it for the first time.

Plus, we’ve had so many reasons to celebrate lately!   New jobs, new engagements, new babies, you name it!   Tis the season for good news and monumental milestones in the lives of our friends and family.  Congrats to all of you.  :)

What will the next big thing be in our household???  Time will tell… stay tuned!

One significant accomplishment I’ve made over the past week??   I’m officially a Texan again!

After 3 hours of  enduring this (This should go under What I’m NOT Loving Right Now):


And this:

DMV Paperwork

I am finally legally a licensed driver in the Great State of Texas!   :)  Mission complete.


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