About me

I am a Texas girl making her big return to the Big D.   Originally from Fort Worth, TX (read: NOT Dallas), I share a great deal of pride for my home state.   I was the first of my family born here, but share a large network of family across the North Texas area.   After leaving home to attend college at University of Richmond (Go Spiders!), I set up shop in Richmond, VA, and set off to become an independent gal.   It was in Richmond that I met my husband, Kevin, to whom I have been married exactly 1 year on the day I started this blog.

After a few years in Richmond I relocated to Arlington, VA, where I’ve climbed the corporate ladder and work as a Business Development Manager for a large engineering, construction and logistics company.   Many of you know me for my “fun job” which is teaching group fitness for Gold’s Gym and sharing my love of Les Mills fitness programs with the world.

After five years in NoVA, Kevin and I decided we were ready for a fresh start in a new city.   Which brings me to why I created this blog… We leave behind incredible friends, family and professional networks in the Washington D.C. area, and inspired by many of my friends’ healthy living blogs, I decided the best way to keep in touch with our old life was to blog about our new life.

So these are my musings on being a Fort Worth gal living in Dallas, how we are adapting our jobs, families and lifestyles to a new community, and plenty of inspiration from my passions for working out, dancing, cooking, writing, and being a mom. Thanks for sharing this adventure with me!


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