Baby, I’ma Be Your Motivation

15 Jul

Motivation, not just the name of a nasty, yet super hot, song by the lovely Keri Hilson.   I’m feeling super motivated these days.  As in, kicking ass and taking names motivated.   So many people close to me are in Rockstar mode and well, I’m on the same train.

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog post (guess I haven’t been motivated enough to do EVERYTHING), but that’s because I’ve been absolutely slammed at work.   Like working long days, late nights and weekends slammed.   But the motivation to win is keeping me going.   See I’ve been working on several proposals.  Proposals are interesting because they have a firm deadline that spins lots of people into panic mode, and they require very focused organization and management.   Sometimes I act as Proposal Manager, and often I write, edit, format and help produce proposals.  But mostly my job function is to provide the win strategy, and ensure that we’re selling what the client is buying.

Understanding your client and what their key needs are is crucial to producing a winning proposal, and really that’s the result of all the work I do in sales.  That’s my big girl job.   But most of you know that I take my “fun girl job” just as seriously, and in this concept, they really aren’t all that different.

So for my gym friends, this is Silly Season.   You all know what I’m talking about.  It’s Launch time at the gym, which means we are debuting new moves and music in all our classes, and our heads are spinning in choreography, and we’re going to a ton of extra practices, and wearing silly costumes, and basically losing our minds.   We’re selling a unique brand of “exertainment” to keep our members interested in coming to class.

The Les Mills ( education focus this quarter is on exercise motivators, as in why do people keep coming back to your class.    They divide exercise motivators into 3 categories: 1) Maintaining/Achieving Good Health, 2) Improving Quality of Life and 3) Weight Loss and Physical Appearance.

Fact is, 50% of all people quit a new exercise routine within the first 6 months.  And of those 50%, the highest percentage of people who quit are the ones motivated by Weight Loss and Physical Appearance.   It makes sense– you don’t get instant results to your appearance or the number on the scale the second you walk out of a class.   But where people receive instant gratification is in quality of life.   Reduction in stress.  Increased energy.  Social engagement.  Pride in accomplishing the short term goal (Getting there is the hardest part).   I think that hot yoga and Bikram yoga are incredibly popular b/c they sell all 3 on a short term level.  Great health by keeping the body’s key systems in order, renewal/stress reduction, and due to the sheer amount of sweat involved, you often walk out looking and feeling 4 lbs. lighter (hello, water weight!).  Plus the level of improvement from class to class is quite remarkable if you go on a very regular basis.

Too often we sell physical benefits of rock hard abs, sexy legs, big guns, etc.   As a society, we are obsessed with these things, and they’re all key benefits of working out.   But they take work.   Lots of work.  Over an extended period of time.  And they aren’t achieved in the gym alone (ahem… abs are made in the kitchen).   But we want INSTANT results.   Frankly, many people just don’t want to work that hard for that long, knowing that it will eventually happen if they stick with it.   But if we keep people focused on those concepts they can achieve in just 30-55 minutes (fun, energy, levity, relaxation, or simply doing one more push-up, pull-up, lunge or squat jump than they did last week), they will be motivated enough to come back next class, and the next, and the next.

It’s not that different with proposals… just meeting the deadline and submitting the proposal feels like a WIN.  But the real win, in the form of a contract, may not come for several months (or years, in some cases).

So to keep that motivation alive, let’s focus on short term goals.   You’ve heard it a million times… work one day at a time.  Put one foot in front of the other.   Otherwise, you may end up having a Jessie Spano moment.   Life’s throwing a lot at me at one time, but I’ll get it done.  And I’ll take joy in every accomplishment, no matter how small.   :)

If you’re in the Dallas area, come check out a launch class this week at Gold’s Gym’s all over the area.  Bring a friend for free.  And come find out why we keep you coming back.  Here’s where I’ll be this week:

Monday- 6:00 BODYPUMP Launch, 7:00 BODYJAM Launch at Gold’s Gym Uptown

Wednesday- 6:00 BODYPUMP Launch, 7:00 BODYJAM Launch at Gold’s Gym Arapaho, AND 8:00 BODYFLOW launch at Uptown (I’ll only be there for half of JAM).

Otherwise, I’ll be at work.   Kicking ass and taking names!

One Response to “Baby, I’ma Be Your Motivation”

  1. Chase July 15, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Have a great launch week!! Jam launch won’t be the same without you here, but I’m sure the girls will do you proud! xo

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