What I’m Loving Right Now

17 Jun

I can be pretty random, and these are 4 VERY random things I’m loving right now.

1. Pool Parties with New Friends

Pool Pic

I can’t think of a better way to spend a scorching Saturday in Uptown than surrounded by new friends in the pool (with some adult beverages of course… must stay hydrated!).   I jumped on the invite to hang poolside (more like IN the pool) with a new friend I met at the gym and we met so many wonderful people!   People here are just so darn friendly.  There wasn’t a person in the pool that I didn’t have a great conversation with… and we already have follow up get-togethers planned!   Now if only I didn’t have the WORST tan lines and weird red splotches to prove it.  ;)

2. Little Mr. Furry

Clooney toys

I’m sorry.   There is nothing cuter than a puppy surrounded by all his toys.   You’ve met Clooney in an earlier post.  He’s spending the summer in Durango with mom and dad, but we are definitely keeping tabs on him through photos!   So freaking adorable I can hardly stand it.

3. Indulging in Secret Single Behavior

SSB Food

Any Sex and The City fan worth his/her salt knows about the SSB.  Secret Single Behavior.   It’s the thing you do when NO ONE is around.  Especially not your man.   For your eyes and enjoyment only.   Mine???   Wearing my Lululemon men’s sweatpants, watching Food Network reruns (Giada and Barefoot Contessa, of course), and eating the kind of food that Kevin would think I was a crazy person for cooking for dinner.  Case in point: Roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and yes, that’s bacon.   Accompanied by an Avery White Rascal.

While Kevin’s out of town, Danielle does this.

4. Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell

I’ve always enjoyed ice cream.   We went out to the illustrious Highland Park Village the other night for dinner, drinks, and as chance would have it, dessert.   We sampled some pretty interesting flavors of homemade ice cream at Marquee, including Smoked White Chocolate, Salted Butter and Dulce de Leche.   It was all very tasty, and the drinks were awesome.  But ice cream to me is nostalgic.   It’s the stuff you grew up on, either in a big bowl by itself or next to every birthday cake, homemade apple pie, etc.   And for me, that was Blue Bell.   Still tastes the same, and it’s heaven.   Reason #246 I’m glad I moved back to Texas.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!   We played on Saturday and worked hard all Sunday.   We have our first overnight house-guests this coming week as we welcome Kevin’s mom, so Casa de Barnski has to be in tip-top shape.   Which means all those things we didn’t get to during unpacking, yep, today was the day.  Add on a few hours of office work and I’m spent.  I’m off to grab a spoon and polish off that pint of Blue Bell!!!

One Response to “What I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. Jane Barner June 18, 2012 at 7:03 pm #

    I am so looking forward to seeing you both,your new home and city!
    i liked your SSB dinner Danielle….most men just don’t like brussel sprouts.I would love to sample some Blue Bell ice cream…it sounds delicious. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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