Racking Up Those Frequent Flyer Miles

29 May

Well, I’m way overdue for a new post here.   And so much has transpired that I’m going to break it into 2 posts.

I’ve been on the road over the past 4 weeks, traveling to 4 different locations and staying in lots of hotels.   Two of the trips have taken me to conferences for work, both to Omaha, NE and St. Louis, MO.  Hello Midwest!   You’re friendly, laid back, and pretty much stress free.  These trips were beneficial from a networking standpoint, and usually have some great extracurricular activities built in.

A few highlights were taking in a Cardinals game (from Box seats, no less) and visiting the City Museum (where about 500 adults enjoyed free drinks, 2 story slides and an over-sized ball pit).   Boondoggle?   Perhaps… but this is where relationships are made and the interaction between industry and our customer was priceless.

Cardinals Game

I also enjoyed one of the most fabulous dinner experiences I’ve had (especially dining solo) at Anthony’s Bar (located in the venerated dining establishment Tony’s Restaurant in Downtown St. Louis).   Anthony’s/Tony’s promises  impeccable service and exceptional food and they hit the mark on both fronts.  I had an amazing lobster risotto (off the menu treat), prosciutto and fresh fig salad, and a brown butter almond tart with homemade praline ice cream and caramel sauce.  Are you drooling yet?   I so wish I would have taken pictures!   If you’re ever in St. Louis, definitely check it out for a fine dining experience (http://www.saucecafe.com/tonys/)

I was pretty disciplined about pacing myself through both of these trips… they are long days and often events go into the wee hours of the morning.  But I declined a few events and made sure to get my workouts in (props to the Embassy Suites and Hilton for having well-stocked and spacious hotel gyms) and some time to relax as well.

The other two trips this month took me to Charlottesville, VA for a friend’s wedding, and to Greensboro, NC for my brother Mike’s graduation.   Both trips were short (Friday-Sunday), but so nice for seeing family and friends.   A few pics from each weekend:

Courtney's Wedding

Mike's Graduation

Both events were held on gorgeous days, rich with celebration and full of Southern charm.    Best wishes to Courtney and David, and Mike, I’m so proud of you on your graduation!   Congrats!

Anyone else living the jet setter life recently?   It has definitely impacted my ability to help contribute to the unpacking and decorating, but luckily my wonderful hubby has stepped up to the challenge and made our new place feel like home.  I’ll have to post some pics of it soon.

Next up… Danielle finally does Dallas over Memorial Day Weekend.

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