Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

29 May

This blog was supposed to be about life in Dallas.   Well, finally!   The crazy travels of May are over and I’ve spent my first weekend in Dallas, TX.   Didn’t I move here over 3 weeks ago?   Anyways, a beautiful 3-day Memorial Day Weekend was a great first full weekend in the area.   After returning from St. Louis on Friday, Kevin and I checked out a local spot in the Knox-Henderson area called The Porch (www.theporchrestaurant.com).   This was right up our alley… totally our scene.   Great food and drinks, and a casual but still lively atmosphere.  Up until now, we’ve been in lots of fun corner bars (what we’ll refer to as “watering holes”) and fancy/uber trendy restaurants.   So we were glad to find a spot like this.

Speaking of watering holes, Kevin is planning to guest blog here on Danielle Does Dallas on one of his favorite topics: we’ll call it Watering Hole Wednesdays.   As we check out the local spots, the hubs will post his expert review for your reading pleasure.  Stay tuned!

So Saturday I dragged Kevin to the yoga studio I blogged about in What’s On the Agenda for Tonight?   After his successful completion of P90X and its required yoga workouts, I thought he might actually enjoy a live class.   I was so stoked that he agreed to come with me and I’d say it was a success!   Kevin has often taken my classes at Gold’s, but it was super fun just being on the mat next to each other.   Hopefully he’ll give it another whirl in the future.    I bought an unlimited monthly pass and am planning to take full advantage this month.   That evening we got together with several members of his family to celebrate his uncle’s retirement and had some awesome barbecue with all the fixins.   Note: BBQ-ing does not mean burgers and dogs in these parts.   We’re talking brisket, ribs, beans and Texas Toast.   Okay, now that we’re on the same page…

Sunday was quite the adventure.   I grew up in Fort Worth, TX and have always enjoyed the long-standing PGA Tournament at Colonial Country Club (otherwise known as the Crowne Plaza Invitational).  This is where Fort Worth’s Finest get together on a sweltering Memorial Day weekend to enjoy some spectacular golf, drink lots of beer and margaritas, and generally get their “see-and-be-seen” on.   Kevin scored us some tickets and we took my stepdad and brother Chris.   Zach Johnson donned the red plaid jacket and we didn’t get sunburned.  A win-win!

Adding to the win, I spotted one of my favorite chef celebrities at the tournament, Tim Love (check him at http://www.cheftimlove.com).   Tim is a well-known and respected chef in Fort Worth who owns several restaurants, including Lonesome Dove and his newest spot, The Woodshed.  You may also recognize Tim from stints on Top Chef (guest judge plus contestant on Top Chef Masters).   I’m dying to check out the Woodshed next time we make it over to Fort Worth.   I’m super shy around anyone I deem a celebrity, but my stepdad forced me to say hi and I’m glad I did.   I was in foodie heaven!

Since the tournament was held about an hour from Dallas, and we stuck around for my favorite Tex-Mex (and MORE margaritas) at Mi Cocina, we decided to stay the night at my parents.   Plus, we got to hang around with this little guy:

Sophie 8 weeks

Sophie 9 weeks

Everyone, meet Clooney!   (Yes, that’s Clooney, as in George).   He is a Goldendoodle puppy, about 9 weeks in pictures.   They already have one adorable Goldendoodle named Sophie, and it was time to add to the pack.   So freakin cute I can hardly stand it.   What a little furry ball of joy!

Monday was another family day, this time with my dad’s family at our place.   We hosted them for dinner (turned out fabulously, thank you very much) and yet another Texas Rangers WIN!  I’m quite enjoying entertaining at our new place; something I rarely, if ever, did in our old apartments.

And all the sudden the weekend ended and it’s back to work for all.   Luckily it’s a short week and we’re looking forward to next weekend already.

What did you do for your Memorial Day Weekend?  I saw lots of pics of folks at the beach… jealous!   Surprisingly I missed the familiar noise from Rolling Thunder rolling into DC.

Who’s ready for Watering Hole Wednesdays?   I’ll be happy to just go along for the ride.  :)

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3 Responses to “Happy Memorial Day Weekend!”

  1. Jane Barner May 31, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    Thanks so much for the DFW family weekend update. We are so glad that you got to connect with everyone including Clooney. He does look like a joyful little furball as you described.
    Scott says from the living vicariously dept. of the Va. Chapter of the Retired Party Animals(your in-laws) we are looking forward to reading your guest bloggers first Watering Hole Wednesday report!

  2. Worth May 31, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    I believe I was promised a Watering Hole Wednesday post. Kevin, get with the program.

    Danielle, great posts and blog! Can’t wait to hang out soon!

    • danielledoesdallas June 5, 2012 at 10:39 am #

      Don’t worry Worth… I already told Kevin to get with it. In fact, I have his first post teed up and ready to publish tomorrow… it will be Wednesday after all. See you soon!

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