Homesick… For my new home!

9 May

Is it possible that I’m feeling homesick… For my new home?  We left Arlington, VA the morning of May 1st.    It is now beer-thirty on May 9th and I have YET to sleep in my new house.   On my new king size Tempur-pedic mattress with new sheets and comforter.   Next to my new (ish) husband.    But tonight’s the night… Tonight I finally get to LIVE in our new house!

So what’s been the hold-up?    Let’s recap:

1)  Flat tire delays trip

2)  Car gets picked up 2 days late and shows up 2 days late

3). No electricity in townhouse

4). No water in townhouse

5). Mattress gets delivered

6).  Movers dont show up until the last day of their 6-day quoted range

7).  Danielle gets on a plane to Omaha

8).  Danielle spends 2 days wearing suits, saying Pledge of Allegiance, shaking hands and experiencing slow death by PowerPoint.    Or is it death by sleeping in 4 different hotels plus casa de parents over the past 7 nights?

I want to be home.   I want to nest.   I want to unpack.   I want to eat a home-cooked meal.  I want to teach a Les Mills class.   I want to spend a full-day in my new office.

I love tomorrow because I get to do ALL of these things!

And then in 36 hours I get on another plane, and go back to Virginia.

I guess there’s always next week!



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2 Responses to “Homesick… For my new home!”

  1. Jane Barner May 9, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    Suggestion from Scott,
    Temporary blog name change….Danielle Doesn’t Do Dallas!

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