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The Final Farewell Tour

29 Apr


Wow, what a great final weekend here in Arlington.   Catching up with the UVA crew, Drinks and bar games with Kevin’s work family, dinner with a dear co-worker of mine, watching other people pack my things (worth every penny), seeing Kevin’s dad over a beautiful day in Clarendon.     And of course how could I not mention my farewell tour of Gold’s classes.   5 classes, 5 formats (PUMP, FLOW, ATTACK, CXWORX and JAM), all new choreography and packed classes of cherished regular members.   It was such a rewarding end to our time here. 


Here are ten things I learned this weekend:


1) Hiring a reputable moving company to pack your things with care and a smile is worth its weight in gold.   I highly recommend Von Miller if you are in the DC/VA/MD area.  .”


2) Apparently, yoga mats = “small carpets” in mover-speak.


3) It’s good to know your neighbors, especially when you need to borrow a wine opener because yours was already packed.   (thanks Julie!).  And thanks to Rabbit Grill for the free solo cups.  


4) if you ever want to feel like you are loved, tell people you are moving!  I am so overwhelmed by how many people have made an effort to spend quality time with us and try to convince us not to leave.  


5) BODYJAM 60 is H-O-T!   Especially when the studio feels like 90 degrees. 


6) Group fitness peeps in this area work out SO much harder than in Dallas.   I have my work cut out for me to whip those folks into fighting shape (not just looking pretty and skinny). 


7) You’re a raging Lululemon-aholic when you have to go by the store the day before you move to say goodbye and thank them for making my experience here so rich (and me poor). 


8) Moving tip: having a TV hooked up to watch Real Housewives is more important than having soap to shower with, if you are my husband supervising the packing.  (yes, the movers even packed an already used bar of soap).  


9) it was a great idea clearing out the fridge to provide food for the movers, but the amazing chocolate croissants may have been a little high brow and went untouched… We didn’t complain and ate them all, on the other hand.  


10) 5 classes in 36 hours makes for one tired Danielle!


So to the next step… The road trip!   Any tips for the long drive?   1400 miles and hopefully a little time to hang out in Nashville at the halfway point.  Anyone know of must-see things in Nashville or a great place to stay?


Dallas here we come!


There’s No Place Like Home.

23 Apr

As the adage goes, home is where the heart is.   What does that really mean though?   My biggest gripe about living in Washington D.C. is that it feels so transient.  New people always coming and going, in with one administration and out with another.   Of the many people I’ve gotten to know here, very few are actually FROM the area.   And even fewer plan to STAY for the long term to lay their roots and start their families.  And the common thread with those who are from DC and plan to stick around… they all have immediate family here.

It has been hard living 1,400 miles away from my family, and my husband’s family is only about a 3+ hour drive away, but still far enough to not feel like you have roots.  So over my five years in DC, I’ve worked hard to develop my own family.   Of course my husband Kevin is my family, my rock and fills many other roles that contribute to my happiness.   But you have to look outside of those relationships to find fulfillment too… work, girlfriends, others who share the same hobbies, etc.

When I first moved to DC, I found a wonderful family environment at my workplace.   We are a large company, then with about 300 people in the office and tons of young, energetic and active people.   I immediately helped create a young professionals group and went on to act as chairwoman for two years.   It made going to work exciting, social, and I made wonderful friends who I spent time with outside of work as well.   Our bonds were intellectual, but also fun.   We shared similar ambitions and were able to commiserate during rough patches as well.

But over time, my group of peers dwindled.   I found a huge part of my life unfulfilled.   While I began teaching group fitness classes roughly around the same time as I start my “big girl job,” it wasn’t until I started needing more peers in my daily life that I really found my new family.   My gym family.

For those unfamiliar with what I do, it is a crazy, whirlwind world of teaching classes for Gold’s Gym across several gyms, teaching five unique group fitness programs by Les Mills, learning new material and practicing, all while cultivating your classes to grow and make differences in people’s lives everyday.   No small feat.

But this is family.   It is not just aerobics.   Above all, the hardest part about me leaving DC is saying goodbye to my classes and my fellow instructors.   Why?   Sure we workout together and have fun, but we  also hold each other accountable, push each other to acheive more, congratulate each other on our successes and mentor each other when we’re struggling.   It’s unconditional love… it’s family, man.  (and I’m getting emotional… again!)

I’m ecstatic to be living so close to my parents and siblings in Texas, but I also can’t wait to find the next bunch of folks to really make Dallas feel like home.

What feels like home to you?    What are your tips for meeting new people and creating strong bonds in a new environment?

Pictures are coming of my last few classes in DC!!  Stay tuned…

About Me / Follow Me

16 Apr

Don’t forget to check out the link to About Me at the top of the page, in case you’re wondering who I am and why I started this blog.   :)

And don’t forget to “follow me” too on the Top Left corner.   I haven’t figured out how often I plan to post yet, but for now let’s call it when I have something interesting to say!  

The Big Move

16 Apr

There are very few things I despise more than the act of moving.   I’m talking about the purging, packing, schlepping, unpacking variety of moving.   Despite my penchant for organizing and making lists, and my ability to lift heavy objects, moving just makes me batty.   Ask my husband… it often brings out the worst in me as I stress about how everything’s going to get done and to my specifications.   I think it’s because at this stage of life, moving requires the cooperation of several parties, and I can’t always control the outcome.

But this move is different.  We’re not just moving to a new neighborhood or a larger residence.   We’re taking a huge leap of faith and moving 1,400 miles away.  Away from great friends, comfortable jobs, my beloved gym classes, and more.   Making this commitment puts things in perspective and reminds me not to sweat the small stuff… it will get done!

In just 2 short weeks we are packing up and hitting the road for Dallas, TX.   Land of big hair, cowboy hats, big blue sky, great Tex-Mex and Most Eligible Dallas.   It shouldn’t be that scary, as I grew up 60 miles from there, have family super close and have always wanted to return.   But it feels so shiny and new and different to me.   And I’m totally psyched about our new adventure!

We just locked in this awesome townhouse in the heart of Uptown, just north of Downtown Dallas.   And you know I’ve already located the nearest Gold’s Gym, Mi Cocina and Lululemon.   We picked Uptown because it reminded us most of our great Clarendon neighborhood in Arlington, VA.   We’re surrounded by young professionals who are young, healthy, hip and social (how will we ever fit in???).

Here’s to countless new adventures, trials, accomplishments and I’m sure some culture shock thrown right in.   I hope you’ll follow our escapades and keep in touch!


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